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International Economic Analysis:

  • Major Currency Economic Summaries
  • Performance of Major Imports and Exports
  • Mandates of Central Banks versus Expectations
  • Performance Indexes of Major Economies
  • Economically Correlated Currency Projections
  • Large Funds Currency Sentiment Readings
  • List of Technical Indicators to Look For
  • Occasional: Foregin Exchange Technicals Markups

American Markets Analysis:

  • Summaries of American Economic Structure
  • Performance of Major
  • Imports/Exports
  • Federal Reserve Mandate versus Expectations
  • Performance Indexes of U.S Economy
  • Economically Correlated U.S Dollar Projections
  • Large Trading Fund Index Sentiment Readings
  • Market Wide Earnings Versus Valuations
  • Fundamental Ranking of U.S Business Sectors
  • Best and Worst Future Consensus Estimates
  • Occasional: Firm Fundamental Strength Report
  • List of Technicals to Look for While Trading

Major Economic Analysis

All Major Currencies
Economic Summaries
Statistical Currency Projections
Large Speculator Sentiment
Technical Signals Lists

American Equity Markets

Economic Performance Index
US Dollar Projections
Market Sentiment Tracking
Sector Strength Tracking
Consensus Estimate Rankings
Fundamental Firm Analysis

Financial Services

Insurance Firms
Financial Software
Trading Platforms


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