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We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can tackle a diverse array of assets by teaching many different investment subsets. We’ve covered almost all of the most popular investment options, with many more coming in the future. You’ll be able to conquer the market using our curriculum. By passing our lessons and principles to your children and grandchildren, you’ll guarantee they build on your success and their inheritance. Our Curriculum comes in two major flavors: Analysis & Technique and Investment Instruments.


Many people think it takes money to make money. This is true and false. Investing the right way is often more important than the amount you bring to the table. If you invest or trade incorrectly, a larger bankroll merely equals larger raw dollar losses. The goal of this section is to teach you the correct way to invest. You can turn ideas into profitable positions by aligning Economic, Fundamental (or valuation based), Sentiment, Technical Analysis, and Risk Management metrics.   The sections in this series are Personal Finance, Wealth Principles, Investment Technique, Economics, Currencies, Risk Management, Financial Statements, Analyzing Firms, and Technical Analysis.


Asset Sets

In order to properly select vehicles to execute Economic, Fundamental, and Valuation developed investment strategies, you must understand their capabilities. The goal of the investment instrument section is to teach you how to select and use various assets and their requirements. Proper selection of assets can be the difference between gains and losses in an investment strategy, as well as the levels of risk incurred within that strategy. Not all investment asset categories are appropriate.   The sections in this series are Equity, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, Commodities, Hedge Funds, and Trading Plans. Combine these asset courses with the concepts in the Analysis and Technique Sections.

Personal Finance

Your trip to wealth begins with personal finance. Secure yourself before your ascent to prosperity.



Equity is simply fractional control of a business, bought from another shareholder or a firm.


Wealth Principles

To gain Wealth, you must understand the principles behind wealth building.



A Bond is simply a loan. You buy a bond, and get owed a loan repayment.


Investment Techniques

Buying on Rumor, Investing in Products you like. This is wrong. Learn the right way.


Bond Instruments

Bonds come in many flavors. Bond Funds buy many bonds in a single portfolio.


Economics & Currencies

All investments derive their results from Economics. Booms in expansions, busts in crashes.


Mutual Funds

Investment Companies that let you join their Bond, Equity, and other Funds investing party.


Risk Management

Mathematically master your losses and you only need to worry about your gains.



Give you the “option” to buy or sell an asset during a specified time period.


Financial Statements

Income Statements. Balance Sheets. Cash Flow Statements. They tell you almost everything.


Futures & Commodities

Futures set prices for future transactions today. Commodities are hard assets from nature.


Analyzing Firms

Multiple areas of analysis, We cover each to reveal a firm’s ability to be an investment.


Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds have access to all (all) investment strategies. High net worths only. High costs.


Technical Analysis

How to Use and trade charts. Combine with Economic and Fundamantal Analysis. It should Never be used by itself.


Trading Plans

Now: Economic Long/Short Equity, Economic Foreign Exchange. Soon: Everything.


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